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2017 Meridian Manor Revue:
Meridian Manor Revue (next 3 links)

  • Sat Evening 3/18/2017 Youtube video - we suggest you watch this one.
  • Fri Evening 3/17/2017 Youtube video - this is almost the same as the Sat. video, minus photos minus background music -- intended mainly for review by performers.
  • Photos by DeVee Brown (these are taken from the MM Facebook group, approx. 70 of them).  (FYI:  This 2017 photo album is in a Google Drive album this year — since Google has replaced Picasa with Google Photos, and Google Photos is incapable of sorting properly.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

List of Senior Discounts (pdf format), Dec 2015, courtesy of Linda Beaton (copied from the Meridian Manor Facebook group).
  • You can copy this PDF file into "iBooks" on your iPhone for handy reference, wherever you are.
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2. Photos & Videos

  • The community's (intended) semi-official website is at  MeridianManor.com   (This MeridianManor.info site is "unofficial".)
A. Photos:
  • Note: The following photo albums are in Google Photos.
  • 12/22/16: Bad Links due to the Google/Picasa-shutdown fiasco have been fixed
  1. Photo Album 2 - A short "Aerial Tour" of Meridian Manor
  2. Photo Album 7 - From the 2015 Variety Show
  3. Photo Album 3 - Walking Path: Delaware Gate to San Marcos St.
  4. Photo Album 4 - Misc 2012 photos  (Cerreta Candy Co. tour, Garden Railways tour, New Years Eve 2012)
  5. Photo Album 5 - Misc 2013 photos  (hiking group, dance practice group)
  6. Photo Album 6 - Flower & cactus photos taken around Meridian Manor, by Linda Fox and Roger Baillargeon

    B. Videos:
  7. Feb 2016: Variety Show  Video    Photos 
  8. Feb 2015: Video Clips from the 2015 Variety Show, are at the END of the 2015 Variety Show Photo Album 7.
  9. Dec 2014: Excerpts from Justin Campenalla's 'Still Rockin' Band' Dec 2014:  vimeo.com/118381337

    ~~~ Misc.Videos:
  10. May 2015: Meridian Manor garden railway in operation,   vimeo.com/129323147

    C. Reference Info
  11. Using TiVo in Meridian Manor to Eliminate Your Monthly TV Bills

D. Miscellaneous:

Historic 'In FolkMotion' Videos       

3. Street Map

Directions To and Within Meridian Manor:
    Meridian Manor Street Map
    CLICK this image to ENLARGE it.

  • Street MAP  of Meridian Manor. . also shown at right


Community Addresses:  

    2101 So. Meridian Road, Lot #___
    Apache Junction, AZ 85120-7204

4. Miscellaneous Information

A. History:

B. Residents' Web Pages
  • These are web pages of Meridian Manor residents.  Some are business pages, and some are personal pages.
  1. Mark Bigaouette:  Czech & Slovak Heritage Tours, CzechHeritage.com
  2. Justin Campenalla:  DJ Services, WileEdj.com  (memorial page) 
  3. Bev Distler, real estate:  BeverlyDistler.HomesAndLand.com
  4. John & Linda Fox's photos:  s190.beta.photobucket.com/user/Lindafox543/library  (click arrow on left, to show the albums) 
  5. Keith George - real estate:  Coldwell Banker
  6. Jim Ingram, personal page:  JamesIngram.net // Inexpensive web page creation, Billtown Web
  7. Rita Stine, personal page:  RitaStine.com // April 2014 Room Addition Progress Photos
    Cruise Link1
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